Are there seperate sections for men and women in the Turkish bath?

Yes there are separate sections for men and women.

In which days and between which hours is the Turkish bath open?

We are open between 06:00 in the morning till 00:00 every day.

Are there days during which the Turkish bath is closed?

There are no days during which the Turkish bath is closed. It is open every day .

What should we bring together with us when we go to the Turkish bath?

We give bath glove, soap, shampoo, towel, slipper and waistcloth to our guests but they can also bring personal belongings if they want.

What is the average length of various services?

The duration of bath glove application and the traditional soap massage is 30 minutes but you are allowed to spend as much time in the turkish bath as you wish.

How can I ensure the security of my personal belongings in the Turkish bath?

There are special, lockable cupboards for our guests in the dressing rooms. You may keep your personal belongings safe by putting them in those cupboards and taking your key with you.

Are men and women served by men and women respectively?

Yes men are provided service by men and women by women.

Do you offer discount for customer groups?

We provide 20 % discount for groups of more than 30 guests.

What would be my advantages if I become a member?

Local and foreign guests can members of hamam if they present what they live in Istanbul Foreign nationals required to show identity card of belongs to their work.

Members can utilize the hamam 20% discount for first entry and 60% discount if they appear second entry with in 3 months. There is no any advance payment to registering for membership.

If 3 months have passed since the last entry date of members will get a 40% discount instead of 60% We provide 20% discount for guests accompanying of members

Is it possible for me to go to the Turkish bath by making a reservation?

No reservation is needed for single guests or groups of under 30 guest.

Still need help?

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